Head Of Service Delivery

Isaac Kagechu

Isaac Kagechu, a seasoned ITaaS expert with 9+ years of experience, embodies a client-focused and approachable demeanor. His ability to foster strong client relationships and deliver exceptional service sets him apart as a true asset to our service delivery team.

At Tier Data, Isaac’s passion lies in simplifying complex IT solutions, tailoring each service delivery to perfectly match the unique needs of our cherished SME clients.

His exceptional leadership and unwavering service-driven ethos bring forth transformative solutions that leave a profound impact on our clients, going beyond mere technical superiority.

“I draw inspiration from ‘The DevOps Handbook’ by Gene Kim et. al. Just as they emphasize, our goal is to enhance our system efficiencies by reducing work in progress. Through a relentless focus on optimizing processes and promoting collaboration, we strive to accelerate the delivery of top-notch IT services. It’s this commitment to enhancing speed without compromising quality that drives my leadership, ensuring we provide unparalleled value to our clients and stay at the forefront of innovation.”

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