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At Tier Data, we recognize the distinctive demands of overseeing IT within the FMCG landscape. Whether it’s optimizing your outsourced IT for enhanced efficiency, ensuring seamless communication through your office infrastructure, or providing the right software solutions to meet your ever-evolving needs, we’re here to make technology work for you.

Your dedicated FMCG IT partner, on-site and on-call

Tier Data offers our clients the best of both worlds: locally based engineers, service staff and vCIOs (virtual Chief Information Officers) who manage your account and service calls, backed up by a network of highly trained techs. Your business will be covered by Kenyan-based, certified service techs at any hour.

Your local, dedicated vCIO, will conduct strategic assessments, gap analysis, and project management for your IT. They ensure our clients have the right network capacity, hardware/software, and cybersecurity solutions they need to fulfill your company’s needs, whether that’s in the field, or in the office.

FMCG IT services, delivered at scale

How much time do you spend fixing systems when they break? How much productivity do you lose due to slow, or bad connections? Tier Data can help you resolve the issues that are interfering with your productivity.

Our trained service techs can be on-site when needed, handling installations and maintenance. We do the job right the first time, setting your SME business up with the hardware, software, and networking solutions that seamlessly integrate all your tech.

Our IT services for FMCG SMEs

Unleash your business's potential with our customized IT solutions

With our ICT solutions, we’ll handle all the headaches for you. No more spending hours on the phone, playing vendor roulette while your systems are down. We’ve got you.

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Orchestrate IT operations with unmatched precision

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and help you determine what scale of VPS services best fit your needs.

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