Comprehensive IT For Your New Office Set Up

New office set up can be a complicated process, especially when venturing into a new country or city. Navigating through a maze of cables, grappling with incompatible systems, and contending with the constant worry of downtime – these are some of the daunting challenges you can expect to face. 

Worry not; we offer a comprehensive one-stop service to address all your IT needs. Let us take the complexity out of the equation, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience as you establish your new workspace.

We help you transform the challenges of new office set up into efficient and seamless operations.

  • We offer end-to-end expert handling guaranteeing that your workspace is operational without a hitch 
  • Experience efficiency throughout the process with our streamlined procedures and client-centric approach 
  • We strive to bring the latest technologies to your office, ensuring your setup is not just current but also future-proof 
  • Benefit from our proven history of delivering effective office setups, a testament to our commitment to client satisfaction and project excellence
  • Our years of dedicated industry experience ensure a seamless transition, making your office setup efficient and worry-free

Explore Our New Office Set Up Services

Cloud Setup & Configuration

In the rush tor set up a new office, overlooking proper cloud setup can lead to data silos, hindering collaboration across your new location/s. We optimize your cloud configuration to ensure seamless data accessibility and collaboration for a truly connected and efficient business.

Unified Communications

Expansion should bring your teams together, not apart. Disjointed communication tools can lead to missed messages and collaboration breakdowns. We help you ensure seamless expansion with unified communications, keeping your teams connected and productive, no matter where they are.

Desktop, Multi-Function Equipment

Outdated or malfunctioning desktop equipment can be a silent killer of productivity. Don't let your team's productivity suffer in your new office - we helo you invest in reliable desktop and multi-function equipment to keep your operations running smoothly.

Structured Cabling

A new office plagued by tangled cables can result in communication breakdowns, slowing down your team's productivity. Don't let poor cabling be the bottleneck - we help you invest in the right structured cabling for a smooth flow of information and enhanced workplace efficiency.

WAN & Internet

Imagine opening a new office only to be held back by a sluggish network. Unreliable WAN and internet solutions can result in slow data transfer, hindering your business's connectivity. We help you invest in reliable solutions that ensure smooth data transfer and uninterrupted connectivity for your growing operations.

Hardware & Software Procurement

Poor procurement choices can haunt your new venture. Incompatible hardware and software can lead to frustrating compatibility issues, hindering your systems' performance. Opt for our expert procurement services to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance, setting the stage for a successful expansion.

Reliable IT Integration Tools For Your
New Office Set Up

Let us streamline your IT infrastructure and kickstart your journey to a technologically empowered workspace that propels your growth and efficiency.

Microsoft Teams

Centralizes communication, fostering teamwork and collaboration through chat, video meetings, and file sharing, creating a connected and collaborative new office environment.

Microsoft Azure

Facilitates seamless cloud setup and configuration, providing scalable and secure cloud computing services for your new office.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Empowers new office setups with flexible cloud solutions, allowing easy configuration and scalability to meet evolving business needs.

VMware Cloud

Facilitates seamless cloud setup and configuration, offering a reliable and scalable cloud computing platform to meet the dynamic needs of your new office.

Cisco Cabling Solutions

Establishes a robust cabling infrastructure, contributing to the efficient setup and connectivity of devices in your new office environment.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Unifies communication channels, offering a centralized platform for messaging, calling, and collaboration, enhancing workplace connectivity in new office setups

Avaya Unified Communications

Streamlines communication across your new office, providing a comprehensive solution for voice, messaging, and collaboration needs.

Cisco Meraki

Simplifies cloud controlled internet and WAN management ensuring a secure and optimized network for smooth data transfer in your expanding business.

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN

Enhances WAN connectivity with secure and scalable solutions, providing efficient and protected data transfer for your expanding business.

Cisco Networking Equipment

Streamlines networking with high-quality equipment, ensuring a robust and secure foundation for your new office setup.

Dell EMC Servers and Storage

Powers your new office with robust server and storage solutions, ensuring reliable computing infrastructure to support your growing business operations.

Microsoft Volume Licensing

Simplifies the procurement of software, providing a tailored and effective approach to meet the unique needs of your new office setup.

Lenovo Enterprise

Provides reliable desktop and multi-function equipment, ensuring a productive and well-equipped new office environment with efficient computing solutions.

Our New Office Set Up services empower your seamless expansion

Choose Tier Data as your preferred IT systems integrator, where the synergy of efficiency and innovation thrives. Every detail, from cutting-edge technology integration to the precision of streamlined infrastructure, is carefully crafted to propel your business confidently and successfully into the future.

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