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The Inevitable Disruptor for Property Managers

Electricity and Water Utilities globally are starting to undergo a radical transformation to address a range of economic, environmental, and technical challenges.

The smart meters have several benefits such as:

1. Eliminating the need for monthly meter readings.

2. Encouraging more efficient use of these utilities/ resources:

3. Allowing for dynamic pricing where energy/water rates are charged based on demand

Addressing the ever evolving and dynamic pain points for property managers and behavioural patterns of rent payment and service charge bill management

Smart Water Billing solutions such as Revenue Stadia improve the efficiency, longevity, and reliability of the underlying physical water network by better measuring, collecting, analyzing, and acting upon a wide range of metrics. The new devices, which use wireless radios to transmit data about utility consumption, are touted as a critical component of a more intelligent electrical/water grid.

Let’s dive into some of the statistics surrounding this new property management disruptor. We begin with basic data sets that water utilities have access to; water meter data, water pump station (no. of starts/stops & runs hours) and pressure data. Research from Global Data, a London based data analytics and consulting company, global smart meter installations were 88.2 million in 2017, and these are expected to grow to over 588 million units installed in 2022. China has led the market with 406.9 million smart meter installations to the end of 2017, the US and Japan followed with 38.7 million and 36.5 million smart meters installation respectively.

With Revenue Stadia, we seek to understand and address the ever evolving and dynamic pain points for property managers and behavioural patterns of rent payment and service charge bill management. Key pain points for property managers and behavioural patterns of rent payment are what we seek to address especially at this time when it's important to implement efficient solutions to the challenges surrounding water, electricity and rent management, using Revenue Stadia as a proactive solution on these considerations can go a long way.

Revenue Stadia’s automated service charge collection feature challenges you from being accustomed to the manual tabulation format of sorting a year’s worth of expenses and comparing it to estimates for each tenant, which is undoubtably a time-consuming process, especially if you have many shared spaces or multiple properties.

Needless to say, it is important to acknowledge some of the problems associated with the implementation of smart water meters, one of them being data privacy. However as is the case with any other application involved in data collection, Revenue Stadia smart water meter system complies with the Kenyan Data Protection act of 2019 to ensure that privacy controls are in place and properly communicated to its stakeholders.

The benefits of implementing these systems, from both an operational and asset management perspective, are known to easily outweigh and justify the cost of implementing the systems. It’s quite of importance to note the end may be in sight and could soon be inevitable for your local meter reader, who each month faithfully tramps through the flower beds or into the basement, flashlight, and clipboard in hand, to record electricity/water use.