Our fields of commitment to you!

Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity not as a threat.

We offer a range of specialized engagement and advisory from adoption of solutions and roadmaps to go-to-market strategies.

  • Innovation is part of our organizational DNA and continuously rally the entire organization behind this innovation agenda, in a manner that leads to relationships that deliver value beyond the contract to our customers.
  • Having built more smart cities, buildings and homes, Tier Data is one of the few players in the industry to provide a complete set of IT solutions for modern developments.
  • Our IOT applications manage parking/mobility, public safety, utilities and so much more. As cities move toward intelligent management, we have pioneered the delivery of smart solutions to Two Rivers (Nairobi) , Vipingo City, as well as Pearl Marina City (Entebbe).

Beyond delivering a product, we deliver an experience!

  • We deliver a service desk that allows users to log technical faults, application queries or similar issues. For larger organisations with existing IT capabilities in- house, we can handle your first-line calls, or act as a second-line escalation point for more advanced queries..
  • We have monitoring platforms that track utilisation, health metrics and undertake trend analysis of your environment. This will significantly improve uptime, and in the event a potential fault is identified, it will substantially lower MTTR (mean time to repair).

Robust ICT infrastructure solutions that ensure operations are never compromised and reach their full potential.

  • The built environment is powered by a myriad of complex systems that enable businesses, buildings and people to operate effectively..
  • Our expertise covers every aspect of infrastructure design, from helping organizations access evolutionary products and solutions to amplifying them with powerful infrastructure technologies to build hybrid solutions that deliver the business outcomes.
  • We combine technology expertise with built environment knowledge to design network and ICT infrastructure solutions that ensure operations are never compromised and reach their full potential.

We adopt agility when implementing automated processes

We help create sustainable business transformations and convert disruptors into opportunities.

  • Streamline internal and external communication for a connected yet dispersed business landscape.
  • Facilitate Strategic Thinking through unparalleled access to well organized data that can be interpreted for business growth.
  • Enhance Customer Insight by helping companies collect and analyze data to gain greater insight into customers’ needs and preferences providing strategic advantage.