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Tier Data Ltd launches a Revenue Assurance Solution for Property Managers.

Kenya’s real estate market has always been a playground for risk takers who want to venture into property investment. Like any other investment, property management is muddled with its own inadequacies, and this limits the growth potential that can be realized by investors. The property market in Kenya needs a tool that allows maximum functionalities, so more time can be spent on work that matters such as building and managing well designed functional properties that meet the needs of the market.

Electricity and water are key utility resources in any property space. A study conducted by State-Controlled utility firms indicated that an average of 47 percent of the water put into their distribution network is not billed due to leakages, metering inaccuracies and theft. A waste of this resources incurs extraneous costs of maintenance and repair that could be nabbed right from the initial points of installation.

Home is where the comfort is. The real comfort lies in living smart and simple.

Tier Data seeks to arrest such worries as an innovation leader in property management by pioneering several technologies to realize this vision. We explored opportunities for property developers using Internet of Things (IoT), from demystifying, crafting, and creating a roadmap for smart home solutions applicable in the real-world setup.

One of our flagship solutions to curb such menace is Revenue stadia, a product that seeks to be the pinnacle solution to property management hiccups within the region. The cloud-based solution is an impressive eco-system that encompasses smart solutions connectivity, tenant management, rent & service charge management, automated recurrent billing, lease management, invoice management and a multiple payment support channel. Revenue Stadia encompasses smart home solutions there by emerging to be a major paradigm of IoT.

What are the hallmark features of Revenue-stadia? Revenue-Stadia brings a whole new set of connectivity systems and services, most of which are unique in class; inclined to sufficiently improve a client’s convenience. The solution aims at streamlining processes in the property management sector. The solution is also capable of generating monthly statements and exporting the rent records to integrated applications like Microsoft Excel, giving it an interoperability characteristic with other apps.

Revenue Stadia contains a dashboard that provides a range of significant information such as displaying current electricity/water meter readings, tenant data ranging from invoices and balances and billing history. This gives you a control to your portfolio of leased assets all under one roof.

The smart water meter module is specifically designed with the belief that a simple, user friendly and economical way of managing water data is the answer to a long-lived water problem, that of water utility managers not having real-time information about water supply and consumption, and that of customers facing water shortages without a responsive supplier knowing about it.