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Can your business rely on your IT Infrastructure during unstable times?

The “new normal” has been a common phrase lately, where businesses require their employees to work from anywhere, anytime despite any circumstance. This has increased pressure on companies’ IT infrastructure to meet the demands of an increasingly dynamic and virtual environment.

This then poses the question, how can you ascertain that your infrastructure is dependable, flexible, and scalable enough to reinforce business growth and continuity in an unstable time? Should you move to the cloud, or an external data center, or have a hybrid set up? What would be the next steps to acquiring enhanced and cost-effective solutions that support your strategic business needs?

A bad procurement monitoring process travels at the speed of light

Below are a few pointers to consider if looking for an IT Infrastructure Partner.

1. Resilience and redundancy:
Resilience is the ability of a data center to hastily recover and continue operations after a disruption. A resilient data center will ensure business continuity and constant uptime, as well as readily available resources.

2. Accountability and Customer-centricity:
When entrusting your entire IT infrastructure to a third party, they should have the ability to effectively manage your IT infrastructure, especially during unstable times, and should be fully accountable. This should allow your business employees to focus on the core tasks with peace of mind.

3. Prowess and Competency:
Ensure that the staff and personnel handling your IT infrastructure are knowledgeable and well equipped with proactivity, quick problem solving, and a good track record of excellent support.

4. Partnerships and versatility:
With the constant ever-changing technologies within the IT world, options are increasing by the day. Ensure your IT Infrastructure supplier has a firm and trusted number of partnerships. This will give an array of options to ensure needed resources are being pulled in when required.

5. Physical Security:
As the saying goes, data is the new gold. It is crucial that your data stays protected with the enforcement of physical security in a data center. This includes a constantly guarded data center with CCTV, regulated access control, reinforced entry points, and any other means to ensure no unwanted persons gain access.

Through Tier Data , we’ve built a Data Center that covers network design, disaster recovery, high availability colocation, secondary site, or worksite recovery. This can contribute richly to our Business Continuity Plan. Our facilities have the right combination of features and conveniences to ensure that your data recovery is seamless.

Tier Data’s expertise covers every aspect of infrastructure design, from helping organizations access evolutionary products and solutions to amplifying them with powerful infrastructure technologies to build hybrid solutions that deliver the business outcomes.

Over and above the benefits highlighted in the article, it is important to note that the E-Procurement system can be rolled out in phases. An organization can start by implementing parts that reduce the most pressing bottlenecks that are slowing efficiencies in their current operations without the need to implement a potentially expensive solution all at once.

Contact us and let us know what we can do to support your business during these unstable times.